Wolf's Music Weekly

219 Restaurant - Along for the Ride!

Sunday, Sept. 23, 8:30 pm!
Along for the Ride 
219 Restaurant, 219 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314,
(703) 549-1141 
Along for the Ride - rockin' blues - great music- featuring Bill "The Wandering Greek" Pappas along with special guest Linwood Taylor (guitar & vocals), Andy Hamburger (drums) and Wolf Crescenze (bass). 
Beautiful and elegant restaurant with fantastic Louisiana-style cuisine!  We play upstairs in the bar.  Supper club style seating near the band with a small wooden floor dance area too!  Smoking permitted. Cigar lounge and bar seating in the back.  Perfect way to spend your evening!  Come as you are - sequins or jeans.


Howlin' & prowlin' for good music!