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Click here for "Live From The XM Satellite" CD review by Ron Weinstock, Sept. 2010



Click here for "Live From The XM Satellite" CD review by Bob Sekinger, President, Baltimore Blues Society, Oct. 2010



Click here for highlight of Big Boy Little Band at the 22nd Annual DC Blues Festival on Sept. 4, 2010, Washington Post, Style Section (with photo of Big Boy)



Flashback! Click here for Robby Leebrick's recording session with Bob Luman and Johnny Cash!



(Click here) "The Big Boy Little Band - On the Brink of a Breakthrough" by Larry Benicewicz, Baltimore Blues Society Newsletter, Vol. 25, Issue 3, June-July 2010, www.mojoworkin.com



(Click here) Southern Maryland Newspapers, The Independent article about Big Boy Little Band - Finalist - Int'l Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN, 2-12-10



(Click here) Washington Post Weekend featuring Zoo Bar Harmonica Convergence w/ The Nighthawks' Mark Wenner, Allen Holmes, Bruce Ewan and The Big Boy Bret Littlehales and Big Boy Little Band on Sun., Dec. 20 with Photo! 12-18-09



(Click here) Big Boy Little's Bret Littlehales interview with Jenny Miller in DC Blues Society Newsletter, 11-09



(Click here) Big Boy Little Band Wins DC Area Top Blues Band Honor - Southern Maryland Headline News, 10-09

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